If you need to make a will…this week is a good time

MY Legacy week

My Legacy Week 2018 runs from 29th October – 4th November.

Carmody Moran Solicitors supports My Legacy, an umbrella group of 60 Irish charities asking people to remember a charity they care about in their will, once all other important personal decisions have been made.

This #MyLegacy Week, we ask you to support Irish charities by considering leaving a tax-free legacy gift when you make or amend your will.

Many Irish people put off making a will even though we know it is not a daunting experience.

A solicitor has a checklist of all the things to be decided upon and once that is done, you can add whatever legacy gift you feel is right and possible.

Most of us have been touched by the great work charities do in our lives and communities and it is worth remembering a legacy gift is possible when you are making your will.

Large or small, charities appreciate it is a special and personal way to make impact on causes you cherish most in the future.

You can learn more about leaving a tax-free legacy gift to charity at www.mylegacy.ie

You can request a will consultation here on for just €50 during MyLegacy week.

Top 5 things to consider when making a will

In the first of a series of blog post we answer some commonly asked questions about making a will and probate matters in general.

Reading the will painting

1)   Who would you like to act as Executors

2)   Who do you wish your Will to benefit

3)   What assets have you and what is their approximate value.  This is important for reviewing what taxes may arise.

4)   If you have children, at what age do you wish them to inherit? Who do you wish to act as their guardians and trustees until they turn 18?

5)   See a solicitor.  Modern life is complicated and rules surrounding the constructions and drafting of Wills and the law of Succession even more so.   Proper legal advice will ensure that full effect is given to your wishes and intentions so as to protect your family and loved ones.